The Black Pearl Series

The Black Pearl is a Young Adult Fantasy Adventure series that started with Rin and Alexander and notebooks full of messy writing and has turned into a fantasy series.

Currently Published:

1 - The Black Pearl

On a tense, dreary night, Rin is forced to care for a feverish Prince dropped in the middle of her kitchen floor. From there, she finds herself at the center of a nefarious plot by her vicious people to release a powerful evil. With the help of Rin's companion jaguar Pepper, she and the Prince escape with a pearl full of dark magic to seek help from the Sorceress of Crystal Palace. Along the way, they must work together to overcome obstacles: a fear-inducing mist, a rogue Sorceress, a curmudgeonly invisible man, a tribe of warriors, an impassable mountain range, and some unexpected magical powers, and that's just to get to the Palace.

2 - The Healing Pools, A Black Pearl Short Story -

The Healing Pools chronicles a briefly mentioned side quest at the end of The Black Pearl. It features Dmitri and Hale, off on their own adventure.

Crystal Palace is in trouble, and Dmitri needs water from the healing pools to head off a Demon. To get the water, he's going to have to go through a pack of trickster sprites, a shape-shifting water nymph, and himself. Add in his meddling brother and a questionable horse guide, and Dmitri has his hands full.

3 - The Memory Spell

Coming home was supposed to solve Rin’s problems, but now she has a nefarious Queen out to get her, a kingdom to rule, and dark magic she can’t get rid of. How can she outsmart an enemy who plans ten moves ahead and knows all her weaknesses? Join Rin, Alexander, Pepper, Issabeth, and Cedric on their next adventure to thwart old enemies causing new problems.

4 - Issabeth Versus...

When Issabeth's brother is under attack from a magical baby, she'll stop at nothing to save him...even if that means battling a cursed town and the secretive Cedric.

Issabeth Versus… is a short story that takes place after the events in the novel The Memory Spell. At the end of The Memory Spell, Issabeth and Cedric are left with a pile of unresolved issues, and they needed their own story to sort them out. Issabeth Versus… is a standalone short story, but it does contain Memory Spell spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Coming Soon:

5 - The Destiny Detour

Peek in on Crystal Palace a decade after the events of Memory Spell.

6 - *Spoil at Your Own Risk* A Villain at Sea: A Destiny Detour Short Story Starring Shrilynda, available to read for free on Wattpad

Shrilynda told me this mess of a story as a follow-up to the yet-to-be-released Destiny Detour. Spoilers on the unpublished novel abound, and I can't promise you won't find Shrilynda at your door after reading, so read at your own risk.